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Cooking in the Ashram part III

I managed to shake off the horrible cloud that had just arrived over my head and just cracked on. The two Swedish girls were ploughing through the cabbage and we didn't really have any large containers to put it in. I grabbed a couple of clean bin bags and lined some cardboard boxes. It was the best we could do. It wasn't long before we had several bags of chopped spring cabbage. 'Will it be enough?' asked one of the Swedish girls. After running out of Chai this morning I really didn't...

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Cooking in the Ashram part II

...Now that I got the green light from Lizzie, I thought right I'm all over this bad boy. I had Tom and Waleed looking at me like rabbits caught in the headlights. Garlic, we need garlic peeling. 'What's that for?' asks Tom. I told him I wasn't sure yet. Whatever we were going to cook was just bound to have loads in. By keeping him busy I could work out what else we could get done. I got Waleed on onions. Then Dave comes in the tent and I nearly...

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Cooking in the Ashram part I

So, years ago in a past life I studied law. Am I the only chef with a law degree? I don't know but whilst I was at uni I met a guy called David Kraft. We have remained very good friends ever since. So, over the summer when the image of the Syrian baby washed up on the beach was broadcast on the news, David found himself shouting at the TV and determined to do something practical to help this desperate situation. So, he asked a few friends to join him...

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