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Bombing Syria?

I've just been listening to the Parliamentary debate on Radio 5 live whilst delivering today's lunches. Having just returned from a very harrowing trip to Calais to feed the thousands of refugees displaced as a result of previous meddling in Iraq, it's fair to say that it's something that interests me. Now I don't agree with very much that the Tory government have tried to do since winning the last general election, so it may come as no surprise that I'm not really behind Mr Cameron's latest call to war. I'm...

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Welcome to my blog

I've been doing a fair bit of stuff lately and enjoying writing about it. So, my mate came round and well half an hour later I got this blog platform. I'm just going to write about my adventures thoughout the culinary world, probably some stuff about my family and a whole load of bolshy rants about things that I think are all messed up. You might like some of the things I say, you might not like some of the things i say, but I'm going to say them anyway and...

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